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It's been a while since I've opened commissions and I need to earn some money since I'm jobless ; - ; please note me if interested

$20 chibi
Dreamy Girl by threewiishes
Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! (: Sadly, it was not a happy bday because that was the day I had to go back to work after having 3 months off >.< I ended up quitting the next day because I didn't want to re-injure myself after all the physical therapy and months of resting so to all the winners of my contest, I will have your prizes sent to you soon! I'll make money somehow ; u ;
Honey Cake Coordinate by threewiishes
Honey Cake Coordinate
I drew myself wearing my honey cake coord > u < I drew the print myself since I don't like it looking fake
So now the moment we've all been waiting for!!! -drum roll- And the winners are...........

First winner: kikiriann
Queen of Teddy Bears by Kikiriann
So I chose this entry because everything is so beautiful about it ; A ; This is literally what I have pictured in my mind when I think of "Queen of Teddy Bears"! The palace they made up looks absolutely amazing with the pink and yellow colors and I couldn't help but smile at the bear painting. (: A palace wouldn't be a palace if there were no paintings and better yet, bear style! Like the entry above, this also shows a lot of her personality and likes! I can see Choko sitting on her pink bear throne while eating sweets and of course, having a pink teddy with her! What I really liked the most about this entry is the way she's sitting down. Choko is a tomboy and the way she's sitting shows that she is. I myself am a tomboy and I sit with my legs like that all the time so I really liked this entry <3 

Second winner: fingerpaint888
 The Perfect Afternoon Nap by fingerpaint888
The reason I chose this entry was because everything is so detailed and I could tell they put a lot of effort into this. The background, the brick wall, the roses, the tea cups, etc. I was really impressed by it on first glance! Another reason why I chose this was because it depicted Choko's personality very well and shows a bit of her lolita lifestyle (Choko + tea + sleep + pink teddy bear). I never knew myself that lolitas had a thing for tea parties which is why I never included that in her character info but fingerpaint888 took one step ahead and included that in their entry. As a person trying to pursue the lolita lifestyle, the tea and snacks scenario really spoke out to me (: And not to mention, Latte is with her! <3

The numbers were between 1 - 1000 and I clicked the number generator 10 times and it landed on number 656 and their number was 665! So close together >u<
So once again I'd like to thank everyone who entered and advertised my contest! Sorry for taking a while to choose the winners but everyone's entries were so good and I had a hard time choosing >___<; My choices were based on effort, creativity, and how well the entries depicted Choko's personality! I will be noting the winners so please look through your messages! (: I really wish I could've given everyone a prize but when I made this contest, I was working full time at Amazon but now I'm jobless atm so I can't spend much. I will try giving out random prizes if I can find nice items for a cheap price but for now, all I can give back is a thank you ; A ; so again, thank you everyone~! <333

All the amazing entries:

Wiishes Contest Entry by Nova-Akiyama ~Choko~ by candykikiChoko tea party by faycoon Choko Contest Entry by xxxstarrynightzxxx  just wait and see by Sereruu Don't Go! by Manic-Bunny threewiishes by squidlink Sweet Dreams by Manic-Bunny Contest for ThreeWishes DA by KyatifaWolf CHOKO bedroom by i-KMK contest entry 2 by BurriedInArt contest entry 1 by BurriedInArt CE:: Choko the Queen of Teddy Bears by quila111


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You can call me Three or Wiish or whatever floats your boat. I love yellow. A lot. I have a
small yellow collection going on but it's increasing little by little :3 I'm a lazy fella so if I don't
reply to your comment/note/etc., it's just the lazyness. I do appreciate it though so thank you ^-^

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