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1. Draw my oc CHOKO.
 - refs: main ref | gallery | one | two 
2. You can draw her however you want. You may change her outfit. You can draw her in her old outfit. You can draw her in a male version etc etc. Rated R stuff is ok with me lol her pigtails in her recent outfit are wavy/curly not straight. Her jumper skirt is high waisted so the band of her skirt should be above her waist. Her dress is more of a dark chocolate color instead of black. Think of Neapolitan colors. And she has only one wristband. Only on her right.
3. HERE is where you can find her personality information.
4. I will be judging entries based on effort and creativity. Be sure to read her personality info to have ideas.

1st Place - Official Sazac Kigurumi of your choice from here or here
2nd Place - NON-Sazac Kigurumi of your choice



Click here

August 25 9PM PST

I will be doing random raffles throughout the contest so people have a chance of winning something.
First raffle is:
Make a journal about my contest and I'll leave a number on your journal. Then I'll use a number generator to choose a number. The prize will be a summer kigurumi!!

For those who have never heard of kigurumis, they are a Japanese onesie type of clothing that you can wear as pajamas, a costume for Halloween, or maybe it's just cold outside and you wanna wear something warm. The kigus are based off cute little animals like unicorns, corgis, owls, etc. and some are even based off actual characters like hello kitty and rilakkuma. They are meant to be loose and comfortable (: also for those who don't know, Sazac is a kigu brand. So the winner will be getting an official sazac onesie and second place will get a non-sazac onesie but both are still very nice no matter the brand. (I know cuz I own both)
Almost there by threewiishes
Almost there
As I add more items to myself (contacts, lashes,etc) I'm becoming More and more lolita! Almost there! Just need my tea party shoes and petticoat and I'll be a full lolita~ I've spent so much money already on dresses and stuff..I didnt want to go through the awkward newbie lolita style and buy body line dresses so I went straight in and bought angelic pretty dresses. But my mom saw my bank account and got mad and told me to sell my dresses :'(
Just a thought. I see so many people buying art everyday and spending a lot of money (sometimes up to $200) on a piece of digital art that you can't even have in real life (unless you print it or put it on something (mousepads, mugs, etc.) of course). Do you ever wonder if there's a point in doing that? You could be buying something you can touch or buy something useful in life. I mean once you're older, do you think you'll lose interest in it? One day you might forget about deviantart and your characters and realize that all the money you spent was for nothing? I think about this all the time when I buy. I had a point in life where I stopped going on deviantart and spent time with friends, my (now ex) boyfriend, and worked all the time that I just didn't have time for art anymore. I told myself "buying art is pointless. What will I use it for in the future when I'm married and have kids? It'll just be stored in photobucket and sit there forever". But whenever I see an artist I like that has commissions open I feel the urge to buy and pay hard-earned money. And I get sad sometimes when I pass up the chance. But at the same time I'm kinda glad I didn't waste money. :I No idea how to close this really lol but what are your thoughts on this? Btw I'm not hating on people who buy commissions. I buy art myself. Also my question, what do you guys do with your commissions? What are you going to do with them in the future?


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United States
You can call me Three or Wiish or whatever floats your boat. I love yellow. A lot. I have a
small yellow collection going on but it's increasing little by little :3 I'm a lazy fella so if I don't
reply to your comment/note/etc., it's just the lazyness. I do appreciate it though so thank you ^-^

Commissions -… [CLOSED]

:bulletgreen: Jester-comics
:bulletgreen: Lance-C-Bones

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